Happy Birthday, My Beautiful Niece

October 22, 2021

11:59 pm

We love you so much, and long for you to make our family complete again.

Today, and each day, I miss you…. Today, and each day, we think of you.

One more year left, and I hope with all my heart, that God will somehow lead you home to us, back to your family….

Words cannot express or explain how we have missed you, my love….

Happy Birthday, today we wished, for you….

Although I thought of you each second today as the clock ticked tortuously along with a loud echo, I could only just barely manage to get up with a migraine (which was surely brought on by grief and wonder) and tap out a little love you note to you on the keyboard keys that have become my unorthodox companion who never complains about my insomnia….

Suddenly soon, the time we have been anxiously awaiting, will be coming upon us. And thus will begin the, ‘ok, NOW what do we do, what CAN we do’ chapter of the saga. All I know, is that we have loved and waited for you this entire time, and I’ve seen enough and learned enough along the way to know, that in fact it IS possible to be a part of something as extraordinary as when a wish meets a miracle…..

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