Must See Movies For The Family Girls ….

“Whatever Happened to Baby Jane ?”  – This is one of my all time favorites. I have a love for black and white movies because of our  grandma.


” The Color Purple” – This movies makes me cry every time I see it. I imagine us being reunited after this horrible ordeal, and I know in that moment, all the pain will be washed away.


“Imitation of Life” – This movie is special to me and I hold it dear. Gam and I used to watch this movie together and to this day, I remember all her favorite parts.


“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – Simply a classic. I can’t wait to paint our toes and watch this together!


“Somewhere in Time” – The ultimate love story. Much like my love for my niece, it knows no time or distance.


“She-Devil” – No matter how many times I see this movie, I love it! I love Roseanne, and she and the amazing Meryl Streep mesh perfectly in this movie! Laughs all the way through, just a cute movie!


“Legend” – I love this movie because it really does remind you that there is no light without darkness, no darkness without light.”


“Steal a Pencil for Me” – This is a Holocaust documentary. I study this time period and I do it to bear witness to the over 6 million lives lost, and to pay respects to those lives so senselessly taken. Love endures and love survives the most gruesome of circumstances.


“The Help”   – I read the book first, and I was literally carrying it around the house so I could read even a page at a time. It is so charmingly written, I wanted  to turn right to the beginning and start it over once I reluctantly finished. I promoted it everywhere I went; the doctor’s office, grocery store, it’s just a book you must read. As hard as it will be, finish the book first! It’s another one of those stories that demands justice in a unique way, it opens your heart and makes you feel….




My babygirl….

One day we will catch up on all we’ve missed, we’ll be free to love and see each other without restrictions. When you’re home, everything that was ever wrong, will be made instantly right…. We are waiting for you, sweetheart.


Goodnight my little love, Nevaeh. One more day crossed off and we’re one day closer.



Auntie Elizabeth

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